International History

Whilst Ladies Circle is a modern, forward thinking, young women’s organization we’ve been around for over 80 years!

Our origins are with the young men’s organization Round Table. Ladies Circle was originally founded as a social group for the wives of Tablers.  This was set up in the UK and Bournemouth No 1 Circle was founded in 1932 and it’s still going strong! Eight more Circles followed in 1936 in Manchester, Hastings, Liverpool, Doncaster, Middlesborough, Wolverhampton and Southampton.

In 1947 Circle started to spread internationally with Great Britain & Ireland (GB&I) helping to set up Circles in Denmark & Sweden. This lead to the founding of the Ladies Circle International organization in 1958 to bring together Circlers from across the globe.

In the 1990’s,  the organization opened up its membership to all women. Whilst acknowledging the roots of our organization and still being part of the Round Table family, Ladies Circle is now a unique, organization open to ALL women aged 18-45.

South African History

The idea of Ladies Circle forming in South Africa came about at a Western Province Round Table Area meeting in March 1981. Angela Ford, Past President of LCI was invited as a guest speaker at the AGM. Her amusing account of her years as a Tabler wife and as a Circler encouraged the False Bay Round Table Ladies to consider starting a Circle. This they did with a lot of encouragement from the False Bay Round Tablers and in May 1981 False Bay Ladies Circle has their first inaugural meeting.

False Bay Ladies Circle No. 1 chartered at WOCO in Cape Town on 29 September 1982 and Belville Ladies Circle No. 3 in August 1983. More Circles opened up in the passing years.

During the course of 1991 much thought and discussions took place amongst the Circlers about forming a National Association. In July 1992 the inaugural AGM of the National Association of Ladies Circle South Africa was held in Johannesburg. In 1995 in Gottenburg, Sweden, South Africa became a full member Country of Ladies Circle International.

Ladies Circles around the globe all share the same motto which is "Friendship and Service".


The Ladies Circle South Africa Constitution is a document that provides guidance to Circlers on various subjects i.e. how to manage the finances of a Non-profit organization.  Ladies Circle South Africa and other Circles across South Africa need to manage their Circles in a proper way.

Meetings usually follow an approved structure/programme.  Inducting new circlers, running projects and working with public money is all covered in this document.

If you are serious about starting a new Circle in your area, contact the Vice President at the contact us page.

Also download the Constitution which provide to you all the information you will need.