Is Ladies Circle all about charity?

Ladies Circles all over the world play a huge role in charity.  Ladies Circles in South Africa even provide support to charities like CANSA and Helpende Hand.  Projects are usually planned and held to support several causes like children with cancer, homeless people/children, rape victims and the elderly to name but a few.

Many women today would love to make a difference but simply don’t know how to do it.  Ladies Circle provides a wonderful platform to work from if you are still new or uncertain of how to do charity work in your community.  Ladies Circle’s Constitution also provides very good guidelines on how to establish and manage a Ladies Circle in your community.  It is also within this framework that you will get support, not only from other Circlers, but also from neighbouring Circles.

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Round Table South Africa also provides support to Ladies Circle South Africa and even publish some of our articles in the monthly Inkundla which can be found

Individually it is not always possible to make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.  Your chances to do that however, increases dramatically  if you do it within a team like Ladies Circle. And what better way to get involved than through Ladies Circle?  Friendship and charity with a mix of fun and laughter makes what we do and the difference we make so much bigger!