Making Friends for Life!

Making friends for life is big on the agenda for most Ladies Circle members!  Working together in a team you get to know the other women in your Ladies Circle quite well and you share thoughts, emotions and many times a lot of laughter!  So no wonder Ladies Circle is a place where lasting friendships are formed!  Here you find friends that you can trust and that will support you through thick and thin!

You don’t have to know someone in Ladies Circle to join either.  Every Ladies Circle in South Africa has set dates when they meet.  You simply get in touch with them and join their meetings!

Many women get involved with Ladies Circle for different reasons.  Some to just get that once a month break away from their busy lives, some to meet new friends, others to get involved in the many good things Ladies Circles do for their communities.  Doesn’t matter what your reason/s are for joining, as long as you are passionate about the things you do and know that you want to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.