My Fair Lady Banquet

It is tradition for Ladies Circle SA to close an AGM with a formal dinner where their partners are also attending.

Just like the meeting, the dinner follows a formal programme and Circlers with their partners attend the dinner.  This year’s theme was “My Fair Lady” and the ladies all looked breathtakingly awesome!  During the proceedings the previous Council steps down and the new Council is introduced to all present.  Agora and Round Table are also represented and share in the joy.

This year the AGM was hosted by Northridge Ladies Circle No. 7.  These ladies worked very hard and the AGM was a huge success!  Usually a tour is also organized for the men during the AGM meeting, so the partners of each Ladies Circle member is being kept busy for hours on end!  This year the men went on a Beer Tour and even visited SA Breweries.  Well done Northridge Ladies Circle No. 7 for an AGM well organized!  You girls simply rock!

Herewith the gallery for the banquette!