Dear Guests

Welcome to our new Ladies circle South Africa web site!

First of all I would like to thank all my fellow Circlers for your trust in me by having me as your Ladies Circle National president 2013-2014.

Ladies Circle was founded in Great Britain more than 75 years ago and it is a really honor to be part of this special organization. Our members are young Ladies between the ages of 18 to 45 whom are all committed to our motto – Friendship and Service.

In South Africa we have 44 Members and 9 Circles around the Country and we are proud to announce our 10th Circle that will be Chartering on the 03rd August 2013 in East London.

8 years ago in Cape Town, one of my friends came to me and said I am thinking about starting a Ladies Circle, have you heard of it, so one evening a few of us decided to get together over a few drinks and snacks, and that’s when we decided to start Shiraz Ladies circle no 8, because we were all there for the same reason, we wanted to have fun while we help others in need.

If you are not a circler yet – and you would like to join us or learn more about us, please don´t hesitate to contact us, because we would like you to take part in Ladies Circle.

My Motto this year is pride and passion, throughout the year in everything that you do, be proud to be a circler, and circle with passion.


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Yours in Friendship with pride and passion

Sam Kendal LCSA President 2013-2014