Got a Question?

Before joining Ladies Circle, you obviously have a load of questions to ask!  Here are some of the most common and frequent questions we receive from prospective Circlers.

Q1.  Is it like one of those women organizations where you have to drink tea, bake koeksisters and knit sleeping socks? 

At the age of 45 you can join the Agora Club, which is for ladies 45 and older.  Ladies Circle members usually do the things they excel in.  Some Circlers might be good at marketing, others maybe good at events organizing or simply be someone with a zest for life who knows how to put some extra effort into doing something good!  Being a Circler means simply to be you!




Q2. Do I have to be the wife or partner of a Round Tabler to join?

No!  Although Ladies Circle was initially started by the wives of Round Tablers, this doesn’t mean you may not join if your partner isn’t one!  That rule changed ages ago girls!

Q3. Will I have enough time to do it?  

Of course you will!  Most Circlers are professional business women who work 9 to 5 and still make time for Ladies Circle in their free time! Where there is a will, there is always a way! Circlers around the world made Circling part of their every day life.  With Ladies Circle that is easy since the approach to what we do involves not only you, but your loved ones as well.  So you really don’t have to make extra time but for the 1 or 2 meetings you need to attend each month!  How easy is that?  Technology is on our side!  With social media, e-mails and other ways of communication taking over the world, you are able to organize and do things without being their in person all the time.

Q4. Is Ladies Circle a religious and/or political organization?

No, we do not associate with any particular religious group or political organization.  We are non-political and non-sectarian.

Q5. Do one only raise funds all the time?
Running fund raisers and doing projects is a huge part of being a Circler, but it is definitely not all there is to it!  Circling is about meeting new friends and having a social life which is meaningful and not wasteful! Circling is about doing FUN fund raisers i.e. a trolley race, nappy race or having potjie kos competitions to name but a few!

Q6. Is it a social clique I have to be invited to?  
No!  If you are interested to join and know that you will be able to make a positive contribution to the organization, get in touch with your local Circle today!  If you don’t have a Circle, then there are guidelines and steps to follow to help you establish one together with a few of your friends in your area!

Q7. Apart from the social life and fund raisers, will their be anything else that will keep me interested?
Each Circle has a different ‘personality’ and so each Circler!  Doing only the same thing over and over is not on the menu!  Circles around the globe arrange a variety of activities which range from having lunch or tea, to 4X4 driving!  The possibilities are endless!