Greetings All!

Ladies Circle SA’s AGM was held at the Randburg Towers hotel on 24 May 2013.  There was quite a lot to discuss, so as usual the agenda was quite long, with three circles having to present their proposals for a national service project!  This year the choice was quite difficult!

Ladies Circle AGM’s are indeed one of the highlights each year as all the Circles over the country come together to discuss amongst some of the issues the Constitution, projects and progress Circles made over the country.  It is also during the Ladies Circle AGM that a new Council for the coming financial year is elected.

The proceedings which is quite formal is lighten up by each Circle armed with their hats which is a tradition as long as Ladies Circle SA itself.  Each Circle has to wear their hats to make sure their Circle colour is represented.  And of course, if you ignore this tradition, there are surprising penalties to pay!  Ladies Circles around the country never have meetings without having fun along the way!

Herewith is the picture gallery for the AGM!