Being elected as Vice President of Ladies Circle South Africa is definitely up there with some of my most memorable moments! I am passionate about all things Circle!
I am a 36 year old stay-at-home mother of two beautiful girls, Mia (8) and Kara (5). My husband Keith is the most amazing man and he supports me in all my Circle endeavours.

I was inducted into Shiraz Ladies Circle No 8 in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2009. I served on Shiraz’s council as Vice Chairman in 2010, Chairman in 2011 and Secretary in 2013. During my membership I received awards for Circler of the Year from Shiraz and also Circler of the Year from Ladies Circle South Africa. The experience I gained during this time will definitely make me a better Circler, as I represent my country as Vice President.

LCI has also made it possible for me to experience Circling on an international level!  WOW!! I have travelled to Botswana, Romania and Madagascar and with each international meeting my Circle family grows bigger and bigger. Meeting Circlers from all across the world is quite simply amazing!  This has given me an insight into how other Circles operate, raise much needed funds and share information.

I am extremely proud to have been elected as Vice President of Ladies Circle South Africa. Supporting my LCSA President, Samantha Kendal, as well as the rest of the National Board and my fellow South African Circlers will be an honour indeed.

Yours in Circle

Judy Theunissen
Vice President – Ladies Circle South Africa