Months of planning and hard work paid off!  Well done to the MTM Organizing Committee for a job well done!  You girls made it unforgettable not only for the local circlers but for the circlers of the visiting countries as well!

The MTM started off on Friday, the 24th of January 2014 at the Pure Joy Lodge in Pretoria.  Registration kicked off with a bang and all the ladies were welcomed with a refreshing drink after their long road trips.

Friday night was kicked off with a Drinks Competition between all the countries!  Not only was this so much fun, but very interesting as well. The countries were judged based on their presentation and of course on the taste of the kind of drink they presented.  All the countries did outstanding with Morocco taking the 1st prize!

The whole weekend was jam packed with loads of fun and in between we had awesome discussions regarding quite a few important matters concerning Ladies Circle International.


All the countries participated in the drinks competition with South Africa, Morocco, Zambia, Botswana, Belgium, Israel, France, Denmark, Madagascar and Zimbabwe being represented.  These ladies went through great lengths to prepare their presentations and the judges’ decision was quite difficult.  Morocco however took the crown as their presentation as well as their drink impressed the judges.

Herewith some photos of the drinks competition.


The meeting was a huge success with many ladies contributing to the discussions.  Methods of promoting Ladies Circle to their communities and to attract other ladies were discussed and debated.  Some of the interesting remarks that came up was that all communication channels should be used to promote this wonderful organization.  The use of news articles in local communities where ladies circles are operating, websites, social media and word of mouth were some of the ideas that came up.  Ladies, we all are part of the best organization there is and it’s growth and prosperity is reliant on all of you.

Herewith some photos taken during the meeting.


Some of the ladies were adventurous and went on the diamond tour to Cullinan Mine.  Diamonds are after all a girl’s best friend and the ladies all had a very informative tour.  The forming of diamonds, the history of the mine and how diamonds are cut were some of the information shared with us.  It was lots of walking yet very enjoyable and definitely a tour that will stuck in the minds of those who participated.

Herewith some photos taken during the Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour.


This was most definitely one of the highlights of the weekend!  All the ladies were given a crash course on playing drums.  Keeping up with sometimes a very fast rhythm is way easier said than done.  Once the ladies were introduced to the secrets and were coached into holding the rhythm the reward was absolutely outstanding!  The result was all playing as one, sounding absolutely awesome!  There were lots of trials and errors but amazingly lots of fun and laughter with it.  Thanks so much for the MTM Organizaing Committee for arranging this event, it sure was unforgettable!

Herewith some photos taken during the drumming sessions (photos taken by Round Table 41er – Carlo Fourie).


After dinner it was time for banner exchange!  Cindy Kempeneers (Ladies Circle International President) as well as several other ladies from other countries and Round Table representatives exchanged banners.  Banner and pin exchange are part and parcel of Ladies Circle and Round Table in all the countries and it is a way of bringing friends together and are tokens of a good time spend together.

The MTM South Africa 2014 was exactly that.  Good time spend with friends from all over the world.  We all met new friends and will stay friends for many years to come.  Thanks to every lady and man that made this event special, you all made it an adventure to remember for years to come.