What an absolutely amazing experience hosting the Ladies Circle International Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa!!

It was made so much more special by having more than 50% of all LCSA members in attendance – for some this will be a once in a lifetime experience!

So much time and effort went into organising an event of this magnitude and I think those who attended will agree when I say that the My Cape Town team did a superb job – from dinner in front of the Oceans Exibit in the Two Oceans Aquarium, to the welcome parade through the historical Company Gardens to shakin’ our booties to the beat of the marimba at Moyo – the ladies from LCSA pulled out all the stops!

In the spirit of friendship and service, we came together  at the foot of Table Mountain to have fruitfull discussions  on how we can make a diffirence in the lives of others – for this I thank you! We were truly blessed to have the Presidents of 4 service organisations – Ladies Circle International, Round Table International, Tangent Club International and Agora Club International together!

A special thank you has to go to Danie Odendaal and Lee Carpenter from RT Roodepoort 162i for playing hosts at the Men’s Tour to Spice Route and to Etienne Wiese and Corne Burger from RT Bellville 65 for entertaining the parters on a historic pub crawl through Cape Town.  We  saw partners from Finland, Austria, Iceland, France, Estonia, America, Sweden, Zambia, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Zimbabwe, South Africa, GB& I, Botswana and Denmark having a blast at My Cape Town 2016! This is the true spirit of Side by Side.

Thank you also to Rupert and Chane Niebuhr for attending the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party – we realise that time was an issue so we appreciate the support!

Next stop –  LCI 2017 in Denmark!

Yours in My Cape Town

Judy Theunissen – LCI 2016 Convener

LCI 2016 Gallery – Registration
LCI 2016 Gallery – Councillor’s Dinner
LCI 2016 Gallery – Councillor’s Meeting
LCI 2016 Gallery – Opening, Parade and Party
LCI 2016 Gallery – Official Opening
LCI 2016 Gallery – Parade
LCI 2016 Gallery – Welcome Party
LCI 2016 Gallery – AGM
LCI 2016 Gallery – Home Party
LCI 2016 Gallery – After Party
LCI 2016 Gallery – Contact Meeting
LCI 2016 Gallery – Gala Dinner
LCI 2016 Gallery – Service Project
LCI 2016 Gallery – Photo Booth