December is a time to start winding down after an active year, making ready for the festive season. PE Pearls Ladies Circle No.19 made sure that we ended the 2018 year on a high note. On December 11thwe had a wonderful day out Leaving a little Sparkle wherever we went. PE Pearls LC19 supported CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation with their Christmas Gift Wrap Fundraiser at Pick n Pay Hypermarket PE and afterwards had the privilege to go handover a big stuffed Unicorn toy to the sweetest little girl sadly currently undergoing Cancer treatment, staying in the CHOC Home. After spending some time with mom and daughter, we went to deliver much needed clothing and gift hampers towards Faith Hope Love Ministries’ Lending a Hand Project.

After a morning spent making a difference, it was nice to do something completely different for a social. The Back on Track SA Champs horseriding event were being held at the PE Riding Club and seemed like the perfect spot to pull in for lunch. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were amazed at all the sportsmen and their beautiful animals.

If you’d like to get involved with Faith Hope Love Ministries’ outreaches, please feel free to contact Bernadette Spies at 083 740 9852 – NPO no: 170-457.  Also visit the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation at www.choc.org.za for more information on their involvement with those affected with Cancer.