It all started with seeing a Facebook post and so our Circle journey began with Lynne Swann.  Lynni is a 16-year-old little girl who has got cerebral palsy, epilepsy and sandifer syndrome.PE Pearls Ladies Circle No.19 visited Lynni at home and donated much needed items and a small spoil for mom on April 9th.

It’s absolutely amazing to be contacted by people that are willing to give you opportunities on a Silver platter. LAG Uit Jou Maag Uit comedy evening were held on May 4that The Barn and PE Pearls LC19 were given the opportunity to have items auctioned off in aid of any charity of our choice. With meeting Lynni recently, we knew that this would be just the perfect cause. Ask and you shall receive and we received in abundance goodies from various sponsors namely Tiger wheel & Tyre Walmer, Barneys Lorraine, 2 Frogs Agency, SAB and also Keg & Swan.

How can one thank people enough for what Great people do?! On the evening a His/Hers Hamper were auctioned off to a total of R3000 and a pledge were made to match it with another R3000 toward Lynne Swann’s medical procedure that needs to be done! Words are few, but this will make a World of a Difference to Lynni’s life. PE Pearls LC19 would like to first of all thank Rynhardt Stander and Gertjie De Jager and their sponsors for giving us the opportunity to have this auction and for going the extra mile! To Christie Meyer for giving with your heart and giving the final bid of R3000 and to The Barn for pledging to match the R3000 – THANK YOU!! And then also a huge thanks to our sponsors without whom this would not have been possible.

Also to each and everyone that raised their hands during the auction, priceless!

 PE Pearls LC19 recently again donated much needed diapers to dear Lynni. We would just like to Thank Jessica from Growing Hearts for going the extra mile. Also to our supporters whenever we have fundraisers, these are the little things that we do Big. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible!!

 Lynni’s medical procedure that needs to be donehas been put on hold at the moment, but this will give us some much needed time to raise some more funds towards this.

If you’d like to find out more about Lynni’s journey and how you can help with financial needs, please follow the link –