PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 just can’t just sit back and relax. Okay Okay… Maybe just for about 10 minutes and only because we are making a difference! April 26thwe were back in the hot seat to donate our precious blood to the SANBS.  A road side Blood Drive were being held at the BP Gargage in Cape Road and we just had to! They were giving away Doughnuts to those who donate blood afterall!!

May 5thwe were out and about again with our shopping list that would make a difference in the lives of those in need. PE Pearls LC19 with the help of the community were abled to assist Faith Hope Love Ministries with their Grocery Program by donating much needed items and again on May 14thwe were able to donate much needed clothing to them.

Always remember, a little goes a long way to those in need! If you’d like to get involved with Faith Hope Love Ministries’ outreaches, please feel free to contact Bernadette Spies at 083 740 9852 – NPO no: 170-457.