A great bundle of laughs at Round Table Theatre

The Round Table Pretoria Collective hosted their annual Round Table Theatre production in November 2018, and this year kept in tradition and was a great bundle of laughs. Natasha and Yvette from LC6, as well as Riana from LC4 attended the show, supporting this great project by RT. The profits raised from this event is used by the RT Pretoria Collective to support charities with Good Morning Angels on Jacaranda FM – and charity funds collected average on R500k per year. We take our hats off to all the Round Table members and their partners who put in an exception amount of time practicing for the event, ensuring that the audience is peppered with laughing throughout the evening. The Mime Band won for best skit on the evening, entitled ‘Misheard Lyrics’, and boy, do we all mishear lyrics. What a great evening!