Congratulations Chantess!

Chantess Wiggill has been elected as the new Vice President for Ladies Circle International.  Chantess who has been a circler for many years decided to run for elections during the International AGM held at Zambia during August 2013.

This is a huge honour and accomplishment for Ladies Circle South Africa and truly something to be proud of.  Chantess, known and loved by many will take the reins over as President of Ladies Circle International during 2014/2015 if all goes well.

Chantess is an energetic young woman, who is known for her good heartedness and spontaneous personality.  She is always smiling and happy, the sunshine no matter where she goes.  This wonderful characteristic of hers is what made her to be the obvious choice for the Vice President of Ladies Circle International.  Filling a position on the Council for Ladies Circle International is no joke and takes hard work, dedication and commitment.  We wish you all the best of luck for the year ahead Chantess and knows that you are a true ambassador, not only for Ladies Circle South Africa, but also for South Africa as a whole.