Our journey with BabyLoversBlessing initially came about during January 2020 when PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 were discussing projects for the upcoming LCI Day (11 February).  We had decided that we wanted to do something for abandoned babies within the Port Elizabeth community and on investigation came across a request on Facebook requesting assistance with baby clothing and products for less fortunate mothers and their newborn babies.

BabyLoversBlessing were also looking for Volunteers at that stage, however our ladies were unable to volunteer at the time, and then Covid Lockdown happened, putting any potential volunteering possibilities to a halt.  PE Pearls LC19 however continues to donate beanies, booties and clothing knitted for us, as well as some small stuffed toys, to this worthy cause, as and when available.

In July 2021 we requested donations of 4ply and double knit wool so that our supporters could continue knitting for us.  During September 2021 we purchased wool using the cash donation received from Sonel’s dad.  We also received 2 big boxes of wool, one from a lady in Worcester, Marlene Both, who saw our post on Facebook, and one from a lady in PE, Elske Thysse. Some of the wool was given to Cindy’s mom to continue knitting beanies/booties, and some to Roz Rose at Methodist Homes to distribute to the residents who will knit and donate items to us for donation.

We donated the last batch of the knitted clothing items, including Christmas themed beanies with matching booties, to BabyLoversBlessings on 1 December 2021 and have started with our next collection for donation in the new year.

The ladies at BabyLoversBlessings make up care hampers with the baby clothing, blankets, nappies, products and toys that they receive and hand them out at various maternity wards in Port Elizabeth.  For more information on BabyLoversBlessings and how you can assist, please follow this link: