November 19th is PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 Charter Day and this year marks 9 years and running!  We started the celebrations off with a donation, followed by some social festivities… because this is what being part of Circle is all about!

Red doesn’t always mean danger; in this case it actually means Life!  PE Pearls LC19 gave our blood to save others, as brave ladies do!  We received our 4th yearly donation gift, a 3-in-1 foldup chair that also acts as a cooler bag and backpack.  We also received more spoils for donating at SANBS Walker Drive, this included hand sanitizer and a “Covid” Key and Stylust Pen Keyring.

Later in the evening we met up at Suki Sushi where we continued the celebrations.

As the night was still young, we moved the “party” around the corner to Chingadas for some Mexican food, fellowship and fun.  When our snacks arrived we made a video call to Chantal (who unfortunately couldn’t join us in person this year) so that she too could join in on the fiesta, and toasted to another year together in Circle.