Busy September

Spring arrived and PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 started September off in support of the Cupcake 4 Breakfast campaign where we were spoilt by eating cupcakes for breakfast in honour of our Cancer Heroes on September 1st.

End of September always means one thing, National Cupcake Day. While we were all busy contacting donors, bakers and supporters during the month, PE Pearls LC19 enjoyed Sunflower Day on September 20th. We promoted this initiative and wore our Topes with pride knowing that we were making a difference. Sunflower Day is all about rallying support for individuals diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases like leukaemia. Check out The Sunflower Fund at https://www.sunflowerfund.org/sunflowerday/ and see how you can get more involved.

And then the preparations started on Thursday, September 26th. Baking and icing large amounts of cupcakes is soooo sweeet!! The next day you are so over eating cupcakes, but just for a day or two, then you enjoy it to the fullest again.

On the evening of  Friday, September 27th, at Baywest Mall, we started taking in the cupcakes. Filling the storeroom to the brim with cupcakes. Thank you to all the bakers, donators and volunteers!! Without your support National Cupcake Day will not be.

What an amazing day!! National Cupcake Day!! September 28th, 2019. From early morning till late afternoon, so many cupcakes were sold all over South Africa. On Monday, September 30th, the final results were in. PE Pearls LC19 were overjoyed to be part of the massive contribution towards this cause of the incredible value of over R2 100 000.00 raised. This is by far the SWEETEST way to SAVE a life! And so much FUN!! Thank you to all for helping to make a difference! Visit www.cupcakesofhope.org to find out how you can get involved.