A Busy Christmas

Why, oh why??

This is the question we often have to ask ourselves!

The busiest time of the year……December! Time to bake cookies, buy presents, visit with loved ones, prepare for Christmas, overindulge and REST! So, what does Ermelo Ladies Circle No. 15 do?? Ensure that we pack on as many projects as possible!

Our festive period started off with some Circle friends and us, piling in our cars, taking our kiddies with us and driving through to the great metropolis of Johannesburg to join in and assist Toy Run 2018! Great times meeting up with past Circlers and friends. Hard work endured and even more fun had!

Next on our To Do List – our annual Blood Jail and Bail! 15 people arrested, 150 pieces of borewors braaied, countless beers drank and 129 pints of blood collected!

Now, surely this should be enough! But no!!! There are still days left with some hours in them!

What next?

Make up packs of stationary and ensure that we do not only provide the orphanages in Ermelo and many needy families with these and toys….Kriel needs assistance as well!!

Rights, lets wrap up the month! However, should we not spread some more cheer? Good idea! Let’s arrange a Christmas party for a needy community just outside Ermelo! Off we go again, toys to wrap, sweet pack to make, cupcakes to bake! …..Done!

Not quite! Christmas Eve Hospital Run! 2 hospitals, 50 Teddies and sweet packs……..and we are done!!

Now we can get down to the serious part of making sure that we actually get our own preparations done for Christmas day…..anything forgotten? Just one or two gifts!!

Sorry families, but we are sure that you understand!