Charity begins with me

Some of the ladies from Ladies Circle Sandton (In Formation) spent their morning with Charity Begins With Me, an organization that caters for anywhere between 300 to 1200 children on a Saturday morning from the local community. They receive toys and books or whatever is available as well as a little food pack. The children are also entertained with a few activities. Some moms collect recycling and are given food parcels in exchange and there are also local volunteers from the community helping out that get to “shop” and choose their own groceries from the “store” in exchange for them volunteering. There is quite a lot going on! Ultimately, a very poor community being uplifted through the efforts of Charity begins with me and it’s hardworking founder, Stephan. Go and find them on Facebook, like their page and see how you can support them.

Photo 1:  From left to right – Tamsin Phillips, Amanda Yelland and Susan De Kock