Charity March

The 4th of March 2021 was a great day to make a difference.  PE Pearls Ladies Circle 19 donated monthly necessities to Lynne Swann, our young lady with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Sandifer Syndrome.  Lynne attends Aurora Special Care Centre, a school for children with intellectual and physical disabilities.  She also requires certain foods, medicines, nappies and other monthly supplies, all of which take financial strain on the family.  It is these monthly expenses and supplies that PE Pearls LC19 try and assist with.  Please go to  for more information on Lynne Swann’s story.

After visiting Lynne, we went to APD (The Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities) to donate their monthly cleaning products.  Please follow for more information on APD Nelson Mandela Bay.

PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 rely on funds received by members of the community and through fundraising, to facilitate projects as mentioned above, amongst many others.  For this reason, we appeal to the community for financial assistance in replenishing funds needed to assist our regular beneficiaries.  Our banking details are as follows if anyone wants to donate towards our efforts.

PE Pearls LC19

Nedbank Cheque Account

Account No. 1014498406

Ref. Donation

PE Pearls LC19, along with the rest of Ladies Circle South Africa, wore orange and uploaded our selfies to social media in celebration of Women’s Day on 8th March 2021.

On 11 March 2021, Sonel and Chantal made their regular blood donation at SANBS Walker Drive.  Apart from receiving the regular gift (this time a water bottle and an iron supplement) with juice and cookies, they were also treated with an extra tub of muesli and yogurt for a boost after donating.  It always makes us feel good to be able to donate in an attempt at saving lives.  We as a community should strive to do the same.  Please consider going to donate blood at your closest SANBS donation centre.  Please follow this link to find your closest SANBS donation centre:

PE Pearls LC19 followed our blood donation with our monthly business meeting held at McDonalds in Walmer, where we discussed how to change the world one step at a time.

19 March 2021 was Crazy Sock Day in support of World Down Syndrome Day.  The ladies of PE Pearls LC19 wore our crazy, mismatched socks and posted photos on Facebook to create awareness.

On 24 March 2021, after a relaxing session of acupuncture, we took a drive to Sunridge where we dropped off 25x beanies and a bag of soft toys with Caty Coetzee Pieterse for BabyLoversBlessings.  These beanies are knitted for PE Pearls LC19 by our Vice Chairlady’s mom, Jenny Tutton, with wool donated by the Nimble Fingered Ladies, Port Alfred Presbyterian Church.

For more information on BabyLoversBlessings and how you can assist, please go to

On visiting Caty at BabyLoversBlessings earlier in March, she had told us that they were in need of more soft toys for all newborn babies to take home when leaving the Maternity Wards with their new mommies to be.  So on 31 March 2021, PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 ended our Charity March with another toy run.  We first went back to see Caty at BabyLoversBlessings to donate a further 100 soft toys to her cause.  We then went to Smile Foundation to donate 33 of the teddies that Sonel has sewn cleft lips onto.  Sonel will continue to sew “scars” onto more teddies for this cause.

For more information on Smile Foundation and Cleft Friends, please follow these links: