On 14 December 2021, PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19, or better known as the “Girl Gang” got together to give back to those in need within our city.

We all met up at the Londt Park Sports Club to prep and get our cook on.  We used ingredients that were so kindly donated by friends and family.  This included soya mince, spaghetti, soup mix, rice & tinned veggies.

Once we were all done in the kitchen, we made our way down Cape Road to hand out the meals.

We were able to supply 50 warm and yummy meals to those less fortunate, who in turn rewarded us with the BIGGEST smiles, all so thankful for what they had received.

Each meal was accompanied by a t-shirt, which was generously donated to us by Spar EC.

A feeling of unwavering gratitude was in the air , which made us all feel warm inside, knowing that we had done something good for someone in need.

After we handed out the meals, we made our way back to Londt Park to end the evening off with some drinks and snacks.

We also surprised one of our “Strings” (Pipeliners), Carmen Starbuck, with a donation of 20kgs of dog food to help with her stray dog feeding scheme.  Sonel, who has endless luck when it comes to competitions, had won the dog food in a previous comp she had entered and we all decided it would be a nice gesture to give it towards Carmen’s cause, called Project Hope Stray Furries P.E.

All in all we had a pretty amazing day, and took away some valuable lessons from our experience.

We are all so fortunate to be where we are, and need to remember to never take anything for granted, and to always be grateful for what we have.

PE Pearls would like to thank our sponsors, namely Spar EC, as well as our friends and family for their support in making this possible.

We look forward to being able to bless many more people in need with our next food drive.