On 1 December 2019, LC6 once again had the privilege of running our trusty Collect-a-Can project at the Morning View Pick ‘n Pay in Johannesburg. This beautiful Sunday offered sterling smiles to our new member, Donne and her sister Heather, as they participated for the first time in this project. We also enjoyed the support of our Tablers in the making – Dylan (son of Natasha), Josh and Mattie (sons of Sally) – whose much-appreciated efforts on the day made sure we collected what needed and so much more.

For this Collect-a-Can, we not only collected general non-perishable foods and basic toiletries, but also specific items we required for the children of The Haven – ranging from some lovely Christmas treats to much needed school supplies. Our grand total for the day was R 6,345.19 in goods, plus R 287.30 in cash.

Over the Christmas period, the collections were distributed to 3 individual families in need, used towards The Haven’s Christmas Lunch and the rest handed out in January 2020 to The Haven.

[Article:  Sally Anderson]

Picture 1 LtoR Donne Ambartzakis, Sally Anderson

Picture 2 Heather Lombard Henning

Picture 3 LtoR Natasha Lloyd, Yvette Cornelissen

Picture 4 LtoR Natasha Lloyd, Donne Ambartzakis; Yvette Cornelissen

Picture 5 LtoR Heather Lombard Henning, Donne Ambartzakis, Yvette Cornelissen, Natasha Lloyd

Picture 6 groceries collected

Picture 7 drop of at The Haven Care Centre (1)

Picture 8 drop off to those in need

Picture 9 drop off to those in need

Picture 10 drop off to those in need

Picture 11 drop off to those in need

Picture 12 drop off at The Haven Care Centre (2)