International Service Project – JoodESPOIR

Ladies Circle International will support “Project Jood Espoir” for the period of 2021-2023, The association is based in Morocco. JOOD was born in September 2015 as an action of the Ladies Circle Casablanca.

This associative movement first offers hot meals, clothes, blankets, even medicines to the poor of the city street. But, above all, JOOD pays attention, listening and mobilization to support these homeless people in their awareness of a possibility of social reintegration.

For its sustainability, JOOD becomes a full-fledged non-profit association that operates thanks to donations from individuals as well as institutional patrons.

Having started in Casablanca, the JOOD movement has seduced volunteers in other cities and over the years 4 branches have launched in Marrakech.

In just five years, JOOD has increased the number of meals distributed from 400 to 9,750 per month, through its 5 branches!

JOOD managed to mobilize 3,689 volunteers, organize 551 marauders and distribute 221,174 meals and 7,248 packs of clothes, blankets and hygiene products, treat 5,6210 people and operate 56 people.

The greatest success of the JOOD association certainly lies in its ability to have socially reintegrated 336 homeless people and to be able to mobilize effectively for the management of the Covid-19 health crisis, helping 13,455 families and accompanying 14 temporary containment centers for the benefit of the homeless.

Launching a new project, “Jood Espoir”, a center dedicated to the homeless to follow a program that includes drug detoxification, the legal aspect to have identity documents, initiation to discipline, coaching to believe in oneself and training in different manual trades.

The national federation of real estate developers of Morocco, in a surge of civic responsibility is committed to building the center and helping to hire the beneficiaries.

We are waiting for the grant of land for the realization of this project.