International Service Project – Project Crimson


Mission and Objectives:

For the period 2019 – 2021, Ladies Circle International will support ‘Project Crimson’ in India. The project seeks to raise funds to start small scale production of sanitary napkins run by local women in need of a way to support themselves.

In July of 2019, a headline in the Times of India read “Only 18% women in India have access to sanitary hygiene in India”

Not just a shocking statistic, but a grim reality. As much as 82 percent of rural women in India still do not know what a sanitary napkin is or what it is used for.

The taboo associated with menstruation effects all the women who have to go through this process every month. India has menstruation taboos and beliefs which have almost crippled its women with chronic reproductory infections.

Ladies Circle India with its presence in multiple cities, and its wide reach, is perfectly placed to join the crusade of menstrual hygiene and help thousands of women.

Recent headlines from The Labour Force Journal – India , 2017: “The Labor Force Participation Rate for Women in India Is One of the Lowest in the World”

Despite educational gains, the labor force participation rate for rural Indian women in 2017 was 28.5% (compared to 82% for men).

Along with Menstrual Hygiene we at Ladies Circle India also aim to EMPOWER these millions of Indian Rural Women. As per recent statistics 85% of Rural Indian Women are unemployed. To take a step in creating an employment opportunity for these unemployed rural Indian women is going to be a big step in EMPOWERING them.

Keeping these 2 purposes in mind we at Ladies Circle International will sponsor PROJECT CRIMSON as our International Service Project for the years 2019-2021


“Because one woman understands another…”

The Project proposed would be as follows :

To provide infrastructure, raw material and hand holding to get indigenous women’s groups to become self sufficient by making and selling sanitary napkins.

As a premier women’s organization, Ladies’ Circle is uniquely poised to make a huge social impact on millions of women in terms of livelihood and personal hygiene

To ensure that large number of rural women have access to low-cost sanitary napkins which are manufactured by the rural Indian women.

Ladies Circle India in Association with Rag Innovations – Gwalior , will be facilitating the setup of these units.

The Circles would be asked to identify the homes where these units would be set. The requirement for the set up of 1 unit is. 10ft x 10ft room. With basic lights and fan.

The Circles will contribute 10 Percent of the funds of the project executed and balance will be dispersed via the CRIMSON grant applications received

Keeping in mind safeguarding the Environment we have made sure the napkins produced are completely bio-degradable for which we have a certificate provided by our raw material suppliers.

The manufacturing process requires 4 basic machines

2.Pressing Machine
3.Die Cut Machine
4.UV Sterilization Unit

We would provide these machines along with 1 month raw material
Setting up of One unit will cost INR Rs.3,00,000 = Euros € 3594 (**as per conversion rate in October 2018 )

The representatives from Rag Innovations would transport these 4 machines ( without any transportation cost ) to the city where the unit would be set up. Along with this they would also provide training to the in house women to use the machinery.

Not only is personal hygiene taken care of; we will create an income stream for women.
Circles can make this an ongoing project.

Target Group:

Women’s Jails
Destitute Homes for Women
Villages with Low Income
Self Help Groups that need new avenues of income
Women’s Cooperatives


Donations to ISP can be made by bank transfer to:

Ladies Circle International

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IBAN No: BE94 6529 6244 6614
Swift/BIC Code: HBKABE22

When you have made a donation please send a note informing the LCI Treasurer of your donation to

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