Cupcake Decorating at Uitkoms

Uitkoms Home for Girls is one of LC6’s favourite service projects and we love spending time there. The girls are just full of surprises with their openness in learning new things. This time we decided to show the girls how to decorate cupcakes, since we are now experts after decorating for a number of years for our own past National Service Project. With cupcakes already baked, colourful icing sugar and a lot of fondant, the girls were set to work. Our examples were a good start, and we were pleasantly surprised at their own creativity. We had fun listening to them chatting and watched how they designed their own ideas. All the left overs were given to the girls to continue on their own time, together with a Learning Light candle for theme to use as an aid when studying. We hope that we have inspired at least one of the girls to become a baker one day, though we know we made their afternoon.