Donation Day

On 14 January 2021 the braver of us, took some time off to donate some much needed blood, the red liquid of life, to SANBS Walker Drive.  Please consider doing the same and donating at your nearest SANBS donation centre.

After donating blood, PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 went to the Association for the Physically Disabled (APD) and donated monthly cleaning products.  Due to Covid regulations, fundraising is proving to be very difficult, especially for organizations like APD; for this reason, donations like these are much appreciated.  Every donation they get towards the running of the Association, means that they can use funds that would usually be utilized for general expenses (e.g. cleaning products) can rather be utilized for other or unexpected expenses.

We also visited Tracy Swann to give her flowers for her birthday and at the same time donated Lynne’s monthly supplies to her that consists of small adult diapers, Purity products & Soflax which prevents and treats constipation.

The 3 of us then took a lunch break at Como Café in Walmer, followed by some clowning around at Play World while looking for some future board games for a game night, just because we can!