Four Clubs One Vision

There is what is known as “four clubs one vision” but there are actually 5 dynamic organizations that are intertwined to make a difference in this beautiful world of ours, linked together with a common goal of serving our communities and enjoying the time with friends connected with along the way.

We are all stemmed from the same foundation that Round Table initiated in 1927 and with time, we have developed into 5 clubs. What better way to retain the knowledge and more importantly, sharing the same vision to assist in serving our community and standing together, side by side with those that still want to continue in a more relaxed environment, inspiring others and continue in broadening our horizons.

With awareness of Ladies Circle and Round Table, it is not well known how the 41ers Club, Tangent Club and Agora Club fit in the piece of our 5 club puzzle.

With the Association of Round Table age limit of 40 (some countries have 45 as their age limit), retiring Tablers “honorary members” were not leaving their clubs and had the risk of becoming a larger group of older Tablers which was not what Round Table had stood for – a young mans organization.  Hence the first Ex-Tablers Club was formed in 1936 and today, the 41ers Club continues to support The Round Table in their activities as their primary objective.

As with Round Table, Ladies Circle also has a limit on age, once reaching age 45 (some countries have the age limit of 40), the Ladies may venture off to either Tangent Club or Agora Club. Most of the countries have Tangent or Agora with very few countries having both Clubs.

Tangent Club was designed for only past members of Ladies Circle, where they could continue with their friendship.  The first Tangent Club was founded in 1950.  Agora Club is a club for women from the age of 42 years and they allow Non Past Circlers and any Past Circlers may join at 45 years. The first Agora Club started in 1987.

Travelling between these Clubs has been such an eye opener and has been amazing as we all speak the same language of friendship and service. We all have the heart for what we do, we just look a little different and have a couple of digits in our age that varies but there is an unwritten rule of friendship between these clubs that seems to work.  When the need is out there, these Clubs have stood by each other to support and assist where possible. It was incredible to experience and with such mutual respect, mountains were moved. The knowledge and endless stories of days gone by, were priceless.

Article by Chantess Wiggill
LCI Past President 2014-2015
LCSA Past President 2005-2006 & 2009-2010