George Fires

In October 2018 George suffered one of the most severe fires in more than 100 years.  Many houses were evacuated, including some of our Circle and Round Table friends.    The community of George, the disaster management teams and all the Service Clubs jumped in and assisted in various areas of this disaster.    Garden Route Ladies Circle 20 donated water, wipes, Vaseline, energy bars and eye drops to the George Fire and Rescue teams.  LC 8 Shiraz donated funds and we were able to also supply energy drinks for the Working with Fires men and woman.  Our pipeliner, Gretha Terblanche, assisted at the community hall where many evacuated families were being housed.

It was not huge donations, but we wanted to show our appreciation to the selfless acts of those that protect our lives and properties.  We salute them!  “Day after day, ordinary people become heroes through extraordinary and selfless actions to help their neighbours.  These heroes we call firefighters.”