Garden Route Ladies Circle – Badisa

As most of you know Garden Route Ladies Circle No 20  has a project we do with Tuiniqua Old Age Home (Frail Care Unit), were we treat the elderly with a small treat and gift on their birthday, Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Two years has passed and we have decided to give another Home the opportunity in George.

We have identified Huis vir Bejaardes JJ Watson – they are an old age home affiliated to BADISA and they rely on funding from various churches and the public.  We will start with our Birthday Project again in October 2017, but in the meantime we are collecting various items that they have on their wish list.

We recently were able to donate a bag filled with towels and also a special toilet seat.  Our aim is to grow this project and hopefully be able to provide reading material, food and other basic needs they have.  Watch this space …