Handicapped Scuba Crew

Handicapped Scuba Crew has been chosen as the National Service Project for Ladies Circle South Africa for the next two years.  Our goal is to support them and raise as much funds as we can for their amazing projects.

A little bit about who they are. Their Mission Statement is: Breaking Barriers with Scubility.

They Use SCUBA as a tool for rehabilitation back into normal society and to make sure that disabled people are given the same opportunity to receive excellent quality training, certification and dive adventures, as the able-bodied divers do.  They enhance the lives of all disabled individuals through the sport of SCUBA Diving.

Edenvale Ladies Circle 6 and Sandton Ladies Circle 24 was fortunate enough to meet up with the Handicapped Scuba Crew on the 31st July 2021.  They welcomed us with open arms and shared the amazing experience of Scuba Diving with us.  We had first-hand experience of what they do and how they assist people with different disabilities through Scuba Diving.  The joy that this gives them is absolutely priceless.  The most incredible, heart-warming feeling of it all, is realizing that under the water with our Scuba kits on, we are all the same.  Being in the water gives them the freedom that they deserve.