Honey Sales

LC22 Swellendam held a fundraiser by selling Honey in aid of our local Food Drive.  The honey was donated by Ubusi and WD Beekeeping.

We distributed food parcels to Cooper Street Kids Project and Rose Kids Project.

We also received a donation of cleaning supplies from our local shop called the “Vlooi se Tap” which really helps a lot during the Covid -19 pandemic to assist with helping to keep area’s clean and sanitized.

This project was a lot of fun and in our hearts we are really happy that we were able to assist and help with food parcels in these trying times. It is a hard time when schools are closed and assisting with children via feeding scheme’s can add a lot of strain financially on members in our community.

We want to thank each and everyone that was involved in selling the Honey and assisting us to achieve this fundraiser.