Honorary Life Membership – Chantess Wiggill


Madam Master of Ceremonies, Circlers, Tablers and guests.

I am truly honored in receiving the National Honorary Life Membership and sure it will not feel real for quite some time.

I didn’t think 18 years would go past so quickly and was super surprised when I realized the day before I turned 45, my Circle life was over. I actually cried.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to leave but what this organization has allowed me to grow and become, developed skills I never knew I had, beautiful people I have met along the way, crazy adventures and travel, doors opened through Ladies Circle … are a few words that no universe can describe the journey my life has gone on this adventure.  I’m amazed that I don’t even recognize the person today.

Friendship and Service are two small words that have a massive impact in our world. Service was why I joined and feel it’s my biggest accomplishment in having the door opened to be involved with so many wonderful organizations that needed help in so many ways. I am so grateful to have the doors opened to make a small difference in the world.

Friendship was my biggest surprise as I had more than enough friends at the time to keep me preoccupied. Yet, Circle creates the opportunity in meeting new ladies from all backgrounds that transition from weirdos to friends. I am still amazed how these dynamic women that if it was not for Circle, would never have met and yet now cannot imagine my life with out.

Of such ladies that have had a huge impact in my life, mostly not present here tonight are Pat Taylor, Jackie Swart, Beverley Patterson, Luana Albertyn for leading and guiding me through the traditions that I am proud to have passed on. They have demonstrated true commitment through out the years with their continued support.

My best friend Desre Claasse for being there as well as Allison Potter that has become a close friend. Friends that continue to be there and challenge me, Brownenn Odendaal, Judy Theunissen, Peta-Lyn Foot and Michelle Jacobsz, standing side by side and walking a road of discovery and adventure. To Silvija Breytenbach encouraging me to take the leap of faith and always been an inspiration to me. Uzanne Breytenbach, been around for as long as I can remember and even though she is not here, she knows she still owes me.

To Edenvale 6, thank you to for all the years of support and to the current ladies, Natasha, Cheslyn, Yvette, Sally and Ashleigh, thank you.

One such craziness is a dear friend that has walked with me for 18 years. She is a hidden gem that I believe has fallen through the cracks, we have missed a diamond while fussing over unnecessary stones.

Susarah Carpenter If I can please ask you to stand so everyone can see who I am talking about.

In my last 18 years, I seldom came across a lady that made such an impression in my life and one of those I am happy to say, is standing here today at my last speech as a member. I hold her dear as I believe her to be one of the parts of our solid foundation and any prospective member can learn about a thing or two with her integrity, selflessness, gumption and passion. Not many know Susarah was instrumental with setting up our guidelines that have been redefined over the years, integral part in resolving our national treasury when funds were misappropriated. She has always stepped up; back in the day, on the national board when was needed, as well as her own Circle and at times even stepped in, on her own accord.

I am yet to meet anyone more annoying than Susarah that knew the constitution better than anyone.  Our discussions were always viewed as arguing yet it was our way of expressing our opinions.

And lastly, Susarah was instrumental to the first invitation to ARTSA by ensuring the President was invited. I was this first President. But today, our National Board has their closed board meetings at ARTSA and our President addresses their council. What an achievement. We have come a long way in 15 years.

Susarah, I cannot offer you the title of Honorary Life Member, but today, I would like to honor you in Friendship and Service for that which you have done for this amazing organization for Circlers locally, nationally and internationally.

Gerda Nagel from Ladies Circle Trichardt has just turned 45 and we say good bye to a Circler that has contributed towards Ladies Circle and thank her for her time she has invested.

In Closing,

  • Take advantage of what Circle has to offer.
  • Just because you have a fancy title doesn’t mean you now have a big head, stay humble.
  • Be careful what you say to someone as don’t know the influence you have.
  • Don’t quit, times do get tough. If I had to count every time someone looked at me like I was from Mars or they didn’t’ approve of an idea, I would of resigned a long time ago.
  • Embrace each others ideas and thoughts, find their strengths, and support each other.
  • Be courageous, adventurous, and take the leap of faith. Just do it.
  • Don’t be a sheeple, follow your heart and then your brain. If something doesn’t sound right, question it, don’t just accept it.
  • Now Go and encourage the next generation to empower more woman and more important, you need to enjoy what you are doing.
  • Be the most dynamic powerful woman you can be!

Thank you

Chantess Wiggill

Past LCI President 2014 – 2015
Past LCSA President 2009 – 2010
Past LCSA President 2005 – 2006
Past LC 6 Edenvale Member 2000 – 2019 (Various Portfolios)