International Coastal Cleanup Day

On September 19th it was International Coastal Clean-up Day.  Due to work and family commitments, our Chairlady, Sonel Lindeque, was the only one tackling the day, but nonetheless had an impactful day.

The day started off however with her joining the free Beach Bootcamp hosted by Star Fitness at Sardinia Bay beach.  After getting the blood pumping through the veins and working the muscles, the solo clean-up started.  Sadly the rubbish bag didn’t leave the beach empty.  The surroundings are so beautiful and it is really a pity that humans can’t all take care of it.

Pollution is sadly rising every day, but together we can make a difference by taking a bag along to the beach and picking up rubbish along our strolls.  PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 strives to make a difference when and where we can, so we challenge you to join us and not to just do Coastal Clean-up once a year, but every time you visit the beach.  Every little bit helps to stop pollution.