During our road trip we created our war cry for the upcoming LCSA AGM Friday Night Competition.  Stopping off on our way, we looked at Angora sheep that Sam gets her beautiful mohair from for her business.  We travelled through the Garden Route, what an absolutely beautiful countryside, with roaming mountains and lush views.  Driving through paradise, with the sun seeping through the windows.

Arriving at The Wilderness Hotel we are greeted by Michelle Jacobsz husband, SuperMike and the PE Pearls are completely taken aback at the generosity the Garden Route ladies have shown. They generously sponsored our accommodation and breakfast and a surprise waiting for us in the morning. Our accommodation was stunning and the girls took in the spectacular view of the beach, after which we got dressed for the main event, the Induction Dinner of Garden Route Ladies Circle 20’s Chairlady for 2013/2014, Elizabeth Theron.

On arrival we received colourful cocktail drinks and were shown to our table. The theme was blue, black, white and silver. The tables were spectacularly decorated and the Garden Route Ladies, their spouses and guests were warm and welcoming.

Master of Ceremonies, Celeste Burgess, welcomed everybody and so the proceedings started with Renelle Williams lighting the Friendship Candle, Bets Theron saying the Aims and Objectives and Rochelle Barnard said Grace. The food was absolutely delicious and the Loyal Toast, Toast to LCSA, LCI and to our partners was done superbly. We were all so elated to be part of Bets’s induction and what a proud moment for her and her parents, who were present and clapping ecstatically.  The new council was introduced and many PRO photos were taken. We are all truly happy for this amazing circle. PE Pearls fully enjoyed the evening chatting and dancing, what a successful evening.

In the morning after breakfast we were treated to a trip to Monkeyland, that Michelle and Vijver Jonck organized for us. What an amazing experience, to be amongst these wonderful monkeys, hearing them rustle amongst the trees and to see them up close and personal. What an interesting trip!

“We are very grateful for the generosity shown by Michelle Jacobsz, Vijver Jonck, Bets Theron and the rest of the Garden Route Circle. Thank-you so much for showing us what caring and circle is truly about!”

Garden Route Ladies Circle 20 Induction Dinner –

Pictured from left are Sam Kendal (LCSA Vice-President & LC19 Immediate Past Chairlady), Boni Haskings (LC19 Secretary), Beverly Strauss-Muntingh (LC19 Pipeliner), Elainne Bouwer (LC20 Vice-Chairlady & IRO), Caroline Robertson (LC19 Treasurer), Rochelle Barnard (LC20 Treasurer), Elsje Liebenberg (LC20 Social Officer), Elizabeth Theron (LC20 Incoming Chairlady), Petro Holtzhausen (LC20 Social Member), Michélle Jacobsz (LC20 Outgoing Chairlady) and Sonel Lindeque (LCSA Immediate Past President & LC19 Chairlady).

Monkeyland –
Pictured from the back are Sonel Lindeque (LCSA Immediate Past President & LC19 Chairlady), Caroline Robertson (LC19 Treasurer), Boni Haskings (LC19 Secretary), Beverly Strauss-Muntingh (LC19 Pipeliner) and Sam Kendal (LCSA Vice-President & LC19 Immediate Past Chairlady).

Article written by Boni.