Mandela Day 2015

By Sonel Lindeque


On Thursday, 16th July 2015, PE Pearls Ladies Circle No 19 combined forces with the Thornhill Police Service to assist the local Youth League at the Community Sports Centre. The young men entertained the 88 children of the community for the morning by playing games on the sports fields, while the bread and soup were being prepared. Lunchtime came and after prayer, the hungry mouths were fed. Thanks to the sponsorship of Thornhill Hotel and Spar, everybody had more than enough to eat.

Afterwards we took 29 toddlers back to the Mkhuseli Kolili Creche were they sang us some songs and we treated them to some sweets and chips. We also handed over some toys to the Principal and her staff to use at the school.

We left as the children went to play outside and then drove to the poorest of the poor side of Thornhill. The smiles on the children’s faces carried the warmth of the sun into their hearts on this cold and cloudy day while they all hugged their new lovable teddies that we gave to each of them. No money in the world can buy such love and happiness and that is what Mandela Day is all about, with one difference – 67minutes, become a whole day of fun!

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