Loskop Ladies Circle 21 which is situated in Groblersdal has started with a project together with some of the local farmers to collect and distribute vegetables to people in need.  The first load of vegetables included:-

6 crates of tomatoes
5 crates of beetroot
2,5 bags of potatoes
16 beautiful cabbages

These vegetables were given to the Abraham Kriel Orphanage who is currently looking after 100+ children that come out of families where they have been neglected or even abused.  These children, like any other also have basic needs and having vegetables and proper food to eat is one of them.

Loskop Ladies Circle 21 would like to thank the farmers who are helping with this project.

The project will be running for the following few months and we invite anybody who would like to become part of this project.  Colene Venter can be contacted atwebmaster@ladiescircle.co.za for further information.

Below:  Children of the Abraham Kriel Orphanage posing with the vegies they received!  Just look at those happy faces!