At least 3 women will get raped while you read this!

It is a very sad reality that women get raped every few minutes in South Africa.  Many rape victims don’t even report this terrible crime and therefore statistics in South Africa might even look worse if every woman out there reported it.

These women need extra special care and attention once they reported these traumatic events, and therefore Swellendam Ladies Circle 22 are trying to make these unbearable events a little more bearable.

The Ladies of Swellendam with the help and support of a social worker and Dr. Badenhorst have started a project to collect rape kits for women. This project is to be run throughout the month of August, which is Women’s Month!  Many times the women who go through such an ordeal need to hand in their underwear which form part of forensic investigations. To support this cause, the community of Swellendam and the surrounding area is requested to donate the following products.

      • Panties (Any size)
      • Washing cloth
      • Soap
      • Roll On
      • Toothbrush and Tooth Paste (Optional)

Products can be handed in at Dr. Badenhorst’s practice.

Thanks so much for caring and helping these victims.

Anzette du Preez – can be contacted for any further information.