What did we do?

During March and April we held our Easter collection for 2016. Instead of collecting Easter eggs we collected the day to day items needed by a local children’s home. Items collected included: clothing, formula, nappies, baby products, bottles and food.

Who did we help?               

Our chosen beneficiary was The Kings Children’s Home which is a safe house for babies and toddlers. The home takes in any abandoned babies/children and cares for them until they can find them a forever home.

The handover…                  

On the morning of 7th May 2016, we set off to Glen Eden to visit the home, it was a cold and rainy day and we witnessed first-hand how tough it can be to try and entertain around 30 small children in doors – with extremely limited space. They were so grateful for our donations and we hope to assist them more in the future. We unfortunately could not take photos of the children due to the nature of the home being a safe house.