Project Dignity Handover

What did we do?

After many discussions in our monthly meetings with regards to which organisation we are going to handover the Subz packages, we decided to split the packages we have and do a handover to two organisations.

For the 1st handover, we teamed up with the local ‘keep a girl in school’ convenor and arranged a handover to one of the local schools in conjunction with their visit to them.  Unfortunately, I was the only one that could attend as it was during school hours, but it was still a great morning.  We explained to the young girls how it worked and even asked them to complete the A4 flyers of “Menstruation matters because….”.

The 2nd organisation is one of the Children’s Home we support regularly.  Tristan and Yolandi mentioned the Subz packs to them and they are very interested in trying them out.  They have quite a couple of girls who they support and they think it will work well.  The handover date to them have not been finalised yet, but we will advise once we’ve done it.

[Article by:  Yolandi Gray-Browne]

Photo 1:  Nadia Manthe with the lady from “Keep a girl in school” and school children