Estcourt (/ɛskɒrt/) is a town in the uThukela District of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. The main economic activity is farming with large bacon and processed food factories situated around the town. The N3 freeway passes close to the town, linking it to the rest of South Africa.

Meaning of our logo:

Estcourt is known for its beautiful views of the Drakensberg Mountain range. We share these
mountains with Estcourt 74 Round Table, who is our Godfather table and we thought it would be
unique to have something from their logo in our logo.
The giving hands represents our members giving back to our community and helping those in
The King Protea represents the connection with Ladies Circle South Africa.
The number 34 relates to both our Godmother Circle, Louis Trichardt LC4 and our Godfather
Table, Round Table Estcourt 74, the number 4 being the shared number.

Chartered: 27 January 2024 Godmother: LC4 Louis Trichardt Colour: Light Grayish Cyan Members: 7

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