Edenvale No 6 hosted a Pamper Party in aid of the Epilepsy Foundation!

One of our closest friends has been affected by this and was only fitting to host the most amazing pamper party. It was held at a Circlers home and took advantage of the great weather with some of the activities in the garden.
9 Young girls, 2nd year students training in the Beauty Industry were collected on the day to pamper each lady with a foot massage, hand massage and back/neck massage. Honey Jewellery, Avon and along with Pure Romance was sold on the day with a % of the day donated to the Pamper Day.

Reflexology and Pilates was available in a beautiful garden under trees for ladies to indulge in. Of course with Champagne on hand, snacks and fantastic goodie bags, it was a successful day! We were honoured to spoil the representatives from the Epilepsy Foundation as they attended the day to show their support.
We plan to have another one in the year as so many ladies complimented the day as they could spend time with friends and enjoy the day out.