LC6 Christmas Party

In line with our LC6 tradition, we ended off 2019 with a Christmas Party held at The Same Shack in Boksburg. This year we decided to just keep it light and fun – dinner and drinks at a local hangout combined with our R50 Secret Santa.

We were fortunate that most of our Circlers could join the night out, and what was supposed to be not such a late evening turned out to be a fun filled extended ‘kuier’ until the early hours of the morning.

We even impressed ourselves with the great gifts for R50 we were able to assemble and every recipient in fact ended up receiving a gift that just fit with each.

[Article:  Sally Anderson]

Picture 1 LtoR back Cheslyn Dunlop, Pet-lyn Foot LtoR front Chantess Wiggill, Donne Ambartzakis, Natasha Lloyd

Picture 2 LtoR Chantess Wiggill, Natasha Lloyd, Yvette Cornelissen, Donne Ambartzakis, Peta-lyn Foot, Cheslyn Dunlop

Picture 3 LtoR Donne Ambartzakis, Peta-lyn Foot, Natasha Lloyd, Cheslyn Dunlop

Picture 4 so cool

Picture 5 what is a party without our pink drinks?

Picture 6 LtoR Cheslyn Dunlop, Peta-lyn Foot, Donne Ambartzakis