Mothers Day @ Huis Zonnekus
Whilst having our monthly business meeting on the Thursday evening we realised that there was slight confusion regarding the date we had secured to visit the golden oldies @ Huis Zonnekus.  Turns out it was for the Saturday and not for the following week Saturday as we had thought. Did this stop us – hell no!  In true circling style we managed to secure 120 cupcakes to be specially baked and ready for collection on Saturday morning ( helps to have lots of contacts due to our national project ). We nominated Jo to secure the gifts the next day and those members that could cleared their diaries and we were all set to go .
A wonderful morning was spent with the lovely ladies, such a joy to see everyone happy to have us there and being so well looked after.  The staff at this old age residence are amazing and you can see they are passionate about what they do ( makes a change to some places that we have seen ).
Sweet treats and gifts were enjoyed by all and we can’t wait to go back and visit again.