South Africa Ladies Circle know how to do a road trip!
It was Michelle Jacobz from Garden Route 20, Judy Theunissen from Shiraz 8, Bronwenn Odendaal from Northridge 7 along with Peta-Lyn Foot, Cheslyn Dunlop and Chantess Wiggill from Edenvale 6 that started the journey 17 August 2017.
Michelle and Judy flew via Turkey and the rest of the group flew via Frankfurt and arrived at the same time in Estonia to attend the Round Table World Meeting in Estonia. What a beautiful country! We were made to feel comfortable right away by the Tablers and immediately took advantage of walking in the old town, the traditional red bus city tour and meeting up for lunch with the ladies from Estonia Ladies Circle.

We attended Nations Night on the Friday evening where we tasted all sorted of interesting food and strange drinks and was fantastic to meet so many Tablers from around the World! We partied the night away in a typical Estonian nightclub with our own Round Table and wives from South Africa joining in the festivities.
The gala dinner was beautiful and humorous to be sitting at a table full of Tablers whereas we sit at LCI with a table of ladies.
We are super proud of Round Table South Africa for winning the best International Magazine – the INKUNDLA for 2016 – 2017 as well as Spidey Knepscheld the Past RTSA President that was elected as the RTI Board Assistant which is their Community Service Officer. So proud.

It was an awesome experience which we will never forget filled with laughter and fun and thank the RTWM 2017 for their fantastic hospitality!  One of the best weekends ever.

Two flights later and we were all in Billund and spent the evening in the Legoland Holiday Village. 6 ladies with a lot of luggage make for interesting space organizational skills. We spent the day at Legoland and loved the day appreciating the creativity and skills to make beautiful masterpieces.
Another bus and another train later, we ended up in Sonderborg where we settled in the hostel for the week. By now we are experts in space challenges with the tiny space in the room.

Again, we walked all over the beautiful town getting to know it very quickly and probably walked in total of 20km around the town.

Most of us attended the Councilor’s Dinner which was in the beautiful Sonderborg castle and ended up at the Coldwell to finish the evening. It was the first time we were able to meet and greet our friends from the last year and spent a late night catching up.
The parade is always one of the highlights with a lovely choir and some dancing at the opening and then as we didn’t walk enough in town, we walked the 2 kilometers back to the Coldwell where we all partied the night away. Another fantastic evening meeting up with everyone and the amazing Danish music that was out of this world. We missed all the food as there was not enough for everyone but we managed to find enough wine.

The AGM was very long and almost missed the bus to get ready for the home party but as always, enjoyable to experience the excitement as the new board members are announced as well as the new ISP and AGM for 2020.

With a quick change and another bus, we were off to the house party. Everyone always says their house party is the best and this is testament to the great hospitality of the hosting ladies, thank you so much for making us feel so welcome.

A special moment was when we had lunch sitting on the square in town and with ladies from all around the world singing the popular Danish song we have grown to love as well as the LCI song, was so amazing to be part of it.

The President cocktail party is always a special event with the outgoing board and past officers taking loads of photos as one of the last memories. Congratulations to Gry Haugen and the LCI Board of 2016-2017 for an exceptional year and wishing Anne Ahlefelt and the new LCI Board 2017-2018 a fantastic year ahead filled with awesome memories. The evening then commenced with the gala dinner with about 1000 ladies and really cool to see the numbers above the tables as table numbers. We partied the night away as we all knew it was time to head off soon.
Another train, bus and plane, with a comedy of events on the last day, we all arrived home tired after an amazing weekend.
Thank you to Mette Lindekilde and the ladies of Sonderborg for your hospitality and awesome memories.
With Love ……..
Judy Theunissen
(Past LCSA President and circler from Shiraz 8)

Chantess Wiggill
(Past LCI President and circler from Edenvale 6)