LCI Day 2021

On 11 February 2021, PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 celebrated Ladies Circle International Day in style by painting the town red, giving back to our community and having fun doing it.

All members dressed in Red to raise awareness for our International Service Project, Crimson, in an attempt to end period poverty in all its forms.  For more information on this amazing project, please follow this link:

PE Pearls LC19 took a drive to MTR Smit Children’s Haven (Orphanage) in Springfield to share some happiness and love, by donating toys to all the children that reside there.  The Children’s Haven accommodates orphaned children between the ages of 3 – 18 years, as well as mentally disabled children.  For more information on MTR Children’s Haven and how you can assist, please follow this link:

We then visited Aurora Special Care Centre, a school for children and adults with profound mental and physical disabilities.  Here we donated soft toys for the pleasure and development of the pupils.  For more information on Aurora and how you can help, please follow this link:

Animal Welfare Society, Port Elizabeth, ran a Valentine’s Project, where they requested members of the community bring along food donations for the shelter and put their names on the AWS Heart Tree Poster.  PE Pearls LC19 took the pet food that was collected at our Beach Cleanup held in November, and donated it to Animal Welfare Society PE in aid of their Valentines Project.  Please follow this link to see how you too can get involved:

PE Pearls LC19 ended the afternoon lighting the Friendship Candle for Circlers and Friends Locally, Nationally and Internationally at the start of our Monthly Business Meeting held at McDonalds Walmer, where we discussed all the great things we are busy with that make a difference in the world and in people’s lives.

Here’s to Ladies Circle who brings ladies aged 18-45 together on a whole other level of Friendship & Service!  We are truly living a meaningful life!