LCSA AGM 2019 – Chantal Myburgh

Travel Report of Chantal Myburgh (LC19 PE Pearls Chairman)

This was my second time to attend the Ladies Circle South Africa Annual General Meeting (LCSA AGM) as a member of LC19. I was so excited to go on a road trip to Gonubie, East London. Sonel Lindeque and I packed our bags and all the ‘padkos’ and off we went on our road trip.

We arrived safely in Gonubie and were greeted with a beautiful ocean view. I loved the Shipwrecked-Ocean theme and the whole weekend it was evident all over, even in the small details. At the hotel lobby area, we received our cute Goody-bags (mine match my pink and purple hair) with nice goodies inside. We headed to our rooms and then back downstairs to start our AGM.

This was our 27th Annual General Meeting of LCSA. I thoroughly enjoyed all the discussions, voting and being part in the decision-making. All of this was to improve and make a difference. It was a great to hear that although we are currently only 2 members in LC19, we are still as strong as a bigger Circle. Together we are making a big difference.

After our meeting we had a bit of free time and then headed to the rooms to get ready for the evening. Sonel and I got all dressed up with reflective life jackets, flashing whistles, topes, slops and shredded jeans, as the evening’s Welcome Party was Shipwreck themed (only to find out that we looked like deck scrubbers – haha). It was great catching up with everyone and taking funky photos. Everyone looked awesome and it was great fun. We had the best Fish and Chips Take-Away and all the sweeties all over the tables were a great sweet treat. Afterwards we made our way back to the Hotel.

Saturday morning’s Workshop made you think about what held you back and what motivated you and pushed you to start thinking out of the box. We had a few exercises to do as team members and discovered we are not alone in this. Together we can make a difference and overcome any of the obstacles in life.  We shared ideas and I come to realize together we can do it.

After the workshop we had very tasty Friesland milkshakes (Yum) and then for our social activity we played some Minute-To-Win-It games. We were teamed up in pairs and had lots of Fun and Laughter. You clearly need to read the instructions more than once to play the games. But we figured it out. After the fun and team building, we had a stroll to nearby pub to have lunch together.

For the Saturday night we were welcomed with a beautiful ocean setup and it felt we were in a fairy-tale. This was for the Presidential Dinner. It’s nice to dress up and we all looked fabulous. Congratulations to Judy Theunissen and her National Board for their past year and wishing Peta-lyn Foot and her newly elected team a wonderful year.

PE Pearls Ladies Circle No.19, once again was awarded the LCI Day Trophy and we also, although it was meant for only one person, took the prize for the Best Dressed Female(s) of the Shipwreck themed Welcome Party. Sonel Lindeque and Susarah Carpenter took 3rd Place with the Minute-To-Win-It games. The RTSA Vice-President, Christo Bezuidenhout and I were teamed up and we took 1st Place for the Minute-To-Win-It games. Wow!! Well done to all! 🙂 After all the formalities we had a blast on the dance floor! I was mesmerized by all the moves and fun we all were having.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast and after the goodbyes we had coffee at the beach again and then headed back home.

Thank you and well done to ELLC23 for going all out and hosting a truly wonderful AGM Weekend. It was a learning experience for me and it was good to connect with ladies all over SA and to make new friends. I’m looking forward to the 2019/20 Circle Year as we Embrace our Magic.