PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 had a great time “attending” the LCSA AGM held on 23 May 2020 via Zoom.  We had to improvise due to Covid 19 lockdown to be able to wear the same hats, we opted for origami hats which we made for the occasion.

After a productive LCSA AGM, the ladies of PE Pearls LC19 got dolled up to attend the President’s Address, Awards and Induction Zoom Function.  Congratulations to the outgoing and incoming Executive Board and Councillors, as well as the Circlers and Circles for their various awards.

It was a proud moment for us as we received the following awards:

LCSA Circle of the Year 2019/20, Ladies Circle International Fundraising Day Trophy 2019/20, Membership Trophy2019/20 and congratulations to Chantal Myburgh for being awarded the Circler of the Year 2019/20 Trophy!