LCSA National Service Project 2022-2023: Light a Sparke


Light A Sparke started a few years ago when my daughter started interning at Baragwaneth Hospital.

She would come home and say “Mom we need Beanies as there are not enough Incubators to keep the Premies warm “or “Mom we need blankets as a Gogo has been abandoned by her family and has covered herself in Plastic Sheeting “and so the needs and demands for these handmade items grew.

I believe in the Ethos of Paying It Forward. Light A Spark and watch a fire grow and that was my aim.

There are so many people out there that want to do good deeds, but don’t know where to start or what to do. This helped Light A Sparke grow to almost 10 000 followers. Light A Sparke has been a sense of healing for many. Some of our Ladies are battling cancer, some have lost loved ones, some are lonely and need a purpose in life and this is what we can give them.


Light A Sparke is an NPO that collects “Goodies“ from our Donors where it is needed most.

We have Ambassadors ALL over the country to try and ensure that what is made / donated by a community is given back to that Community.

We have many Initiatives on the go and as long as people keep donating, we will keep finding a LOVING home for the “Goodies“ … this is the reason we never give a Deadline.

We donate to:

Hospitals (Prem Wards, Maternity Wards, Geriatric Wards, ICU, Burn Units) | Rape Centers | Abandoned Baby Homes | Orphanages | Homeless Shelters | Poor Communities | Knitted Knockers for Prosthetic Mastectomy Patients | SMILE Soft Toys for Children undergoing reconstructive Surgery | Old Age / Care Homes

We collect, Beanies, Booties, Blankets, Vests, Teddies, Soft Toys, Pre-Loved Clothing, Drawstring Care Bags, Dignity Bibs, Care Squares +++++

We rely on our Donors to supply the Beanies, Booties etc which we then hand over to our various Beneficiaries.

We have found that by creating Challenges, it gets the people very involved to meet and exceed Targets. The Targets are driven by what is needed by our Beneficiaries!

April’s Challenge was a Square-A-Thon. Target was 5000 Squares, we received 11925

These squares are given to the Elderly that want to help and cannot afford wool. They put the blankets together and these are given to the needy.

We have started our Winter Woolie Challenge with a Beanie Drive

Teddies, Beanies, Blankets and Gloves given to children at an Orphanage

Teddies given to patients undergoing reconstructive Cleft Pallet Surgery

Baby Care packs given to New Mothers

We received a plea from Desperate People in KZN asking for Disaster Relief after the floods.

We collected enough to send 2 Trucks and could possibly send a 3rd one as Supply and Demand is high.

For those people that can’t knit sew, crochet or loom …. We need items for our Care Bags that go to Children Rape Victims, GBV Victims, Trauma Victims, Cancer Children undergoing Chemotherapy for the 1st time.

We have a lot of Ladies, especially in Old Age Home that would LOVE to knit but can’t afford the wool … so we would appreciate a Donation of a Ball or 2 of Wool.

WHEELCHAIR #1: Light a Sparke handed over a wheelchair to Nirmal (with special treats of a Fruit Cake, Lap Blanket etc). Nirmal’s mother is 86 and her sister has Cerebral Palsy. So, the Wheelchair will definitely make life a bit easier for this family.

WHEELCHAIR #2: This chair was handed over to Sandra Samuel. Sandra lost her foot in 2018 due to diabetes. They managed to shape her leg so she could get a prosthesis. While using a walker she dislocated her other leg which was put into hard plaster for 6 weeks. This weakened her ankle to such an extent that any pressure placed on it, would cause it to snap. She currently lives on a Disability Grant and her daughter that looks after her is unemployed. Sandra underwent another operation to remove her right foot due to additional diabetes complications.

WHEELCHAIR # 3: Shonn is an only child, with 1 child of her own. She lost her Husband and went into a deep depression. She has a rare Blood Disorder and Lupus and lost her hand and then her leg. She stays with her Grand Daughter and uses her Grant Money to pay rent. Even with all this, she has a Sunny Disposition and lives in the Grace of God!

Light a Sparke were able to purchase and distribute many Knitted Knocker kits to those ladies that could provide the time and passion but did not have the funds to assist in creating this prosthesis for Breast Cancer patients.

The final handover was done on the 25th of January 2022.

Rural Sustainability

Khaya stays in a rural area between Port Edward and Coffee Bay. The area is Labor Sending and run by the mothers and Gogos who highly depend on Social Grants. It took 7 Years to run a Demonstration Garden in an area where water had to be portable and droughts are severe. They now have a Market Garden that sells their organic produce and have even learnt to make their own seedlings. The Gogo’s are a support group who knit, crochet, sew, bake and make candles to sell at this Market as well. This is all done to keep the community Self Sustainable.

Light A Sparke donated some wool to assist the Gogo’s so that they can maintain an income in these tough times.


Light A Sparke sees a NEED and thru TEAM work and Collaborations manage to assist The Needy with their requirements.

Our Capabilities are limitless … we rise to ANY Challenge … THANKS to a GROUP of VERY DEDICATED, MOTIVATED, ADDICTED AND CRAZY INDIVIDUALS!!!!