Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

I had the amazing opportunity to be President of Ladies Circle South Africa 2018/2019!  Don’t be fooled – it’s not just a snazzy title – it also comes with hard work and dedication!

My motto for the year was Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever you Go! And wow, did the ladies take my motto to heart! We are such a diverse group of ladies and everyone Sparkled in their own way, in their own time, in their own community! From baby products to care packages, to ladies breakfasts, to plane flips, stationary to time spent with the frail and old, too many project to mention – all leaving a sparkle in the eyes of the receivers.

I’ve been in Circle for 10 years and it’s so rewarding seeing ladies come full circle – from joining Ladies Circle as a newbie, to stepping up and becoming a member of the National Board. I am specifically speaking about Natasha! Way back when she joined, a few of us had pointed out that while she is quiet and soft spoken, Natasha was LCSA President material…fast forward 5 years and here she is – LCSA National VP! Natasha has shown her worth in so many ways! While I might not know Natasha well, I know she has taken my motto to heart, supporting her community and leaving a sparkle wherever she goes! Natasha, I look forward to following your Circle career in the future 🙂

I am super proud to say that we have established Sandton Ladies Circle in Formation! It’s always such a treat seeing and meeting these new ladies, watching them grow into their Circle and supporting their communities. I very much look forward to their Charter event in the near future. You ladies sure have done LCSA proud!

While we are small in numbers, we Circle as if we are 1000! And with the introduction of the Info Days, I am convinced that we will see a steady growth in LCSA. Thank you Edenvale LC 6 for the great initiative 🙂

And while everyone’s been sparkling, we’ve been supporting the most amazing National Service Project – Project Dignity – keeping girls in school in order to further their education is such an amazing feeling. No girl should ever miss a period because she’s having a period! Fingers crossed that we win the bid to host the International Service Project for 2019/2021 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Thank you to each and every Circler who has put the “sparkle” in my motto!  You ladies rock!

Yours in Circle

Judy Theunissen
LCSA President 2018-2019