Let’s dance

On Saturday, 27th February PE Pearls Ladies Circle No. 19 got together at Sonel’s farm for a Girl’s Night IN…

We enjoyed dinner together, and finished it off with a traditional South African desert, Milk Tart, in celebration of National Milk Tart Day.

We then got dressed to impress and took some photo’s before joining members of all 5 Service Clubs (Ladies Circle, Round Table, 41ers, Agora and Tangent) via Zoom for a Virtual Dance Party hosted by Tanya Harder of Ladies Circle Great Britain & Ireland,  and Sahil Jindal of Round Table India. The 3 DJ’s – Sushein Goklaney, Andy Lord and Colin McKenzi – kept us all dancing for hours. International friendships were forged while Rock & Rolling the night away.

Between dance moves, we played games, laughed and just enjoyed the Local, National and International awesomeness of our organizations!

A sleepover to remember!